“Take My Products Online” Accelerator
Learn the step by step framework in 90 minutes 

Taught by Noah Elias
Creative Entrepreneur, Author, Digital Marketer, Mentor

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This ONLINE Accelerator:

  • Essential, accurate tools to take your products online 
  • How to avoid the common errors and mistakes that keep businesses from going online
  • How to gain control, set yourself up for success, and nail the fundamentals of selling online through content and digital marketing 

I’m going to walk you through the approach to building an online course and products so that you don’t stop, get stuck, or feel lost. You’re going to be able to have the blueprint to execute and discover how fun and powerful building online products can be.

This accelerator is perfect for those that:

  • Want to self publish a book and sell online
  • Want to sell a digital course or curriculum
  • Want to automate a business that goes to work for them
  • Need passive income
  • Want to expand their reach and customers to a global market
  • Need help in structuring their online offer and sales sequence
  • Want to learn about generating leads and building an email list
  • Desire more freedom in their work through automation and delegation

This accelerator is perfect for:

  • Anyone wanting to take their expertise and knowledge to made into products 
  • Anyone who currently teaches in: Business, schools, music, sports, outdoor activities, art, clubs, ministry, education, recreational activities, mindset, leadership, writing or personal development.
  • Those individuals looking to build a full scale online business in coaching and helping others while making an income.

"My life as a kingdom entrepreneur forever changed after meeting Noah. As a friend and coach, he gives me new perspective, challenges my thinking, and helps me navigate the lens that I view life and business through.  I wouldn’t trade the friendship and brotherhood for any amount of money, although things have financially only gotten even better since partnering with Noah and other kingdom builders and focusing on God’s economy as the #1 priority in my business. So grateful for God having us cross paths. Noah is an asset to any and everyone who is fortunate enough to connect with him."

Joel Marion
Co-Founder, BioTrust Nutrition • $750M+ in online sales • Host, Born to Impact Podcast

My name is Noah Elias, and I want to teach you the kind of skills that will turn you into an online brand with confidence. I can show you how to pursue your online platform full-time, stand out in saturated markets, and build a business from your ideas.

Over the past 30 years, I built my career as a creative entrepreneur to the point where I was working with Disney, Lucas Films, Ltd., and painting cars for movies like Too Fast, Too Furious. I’ve worked with other big brands such as Lexus, Toyota, MTV, and Microsoft. I leveraged the successes in my creative field and started building online courses and digital products that could go to work for me. Years later, I know what it takes to build an online platform -- and how to overcome the unique challenges it poses.

Now I want to help other influencers like you succeed and add your creative value to the world. And not just that: I want you to realize your calling and tap into your full potential.

But I’ll be candid: It doesn’t happen overnight. I can offer you the guidance you’re looking for, and I can teach you how to realize your talents for business. But it has to happen one step at a time, one lesson at a time.

"Before starting coaching with Noah, I was overwhelmed with the idea of creating an online course. At this point in my career, I had developed an expertise in leadership development, but had no idea how to fully leverage that knowledge beyond in-person training. Noah provided a much-needed vision and strategy."

Elise Boggs
Elise Boggs Consulting


  • How to develop and curate the right online course
  • How to capture the your content in a smart way
  • How to pick the correct sales funnel
  • How to pick the right platform and delivery system
  • How to go to market once you’ve built your platform
  • How to leverage a lead magnet
  • How to build an email list
  • How to know which approach is best with advertising online
  • How to market online once you’ve launched


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